This unique invention is called SUNWELL because it can get water bubbling out of wells using solar power alone.

It doesn’t need any additional energy to do this. The only thing it needs is sun and groundwater.


A new technological miracle

· fills water reservoirs

· transforms deserts into oases

· turns a garden pond into a fountain

The driving force comes from the temperature difference between the two elements according to the working principle of the resonant Stirling engine.

SUPERENGINE ®  | Der Sonnenbrunnen

Even with a collector with a surface area of only 0.2m2, the temperature difference between the side of the collector exposed to the sun and the cooler water produces sufficient power to lift 500 litres of water per day from a depth of approx. 7 meters. With a surface area of only 1m2, that is no less than 6,000 litres.

A flat displacing piston inside the collector oscillates back and forth between the hot and cold sides at a rate of 50 times per second, thereby creating a pulsating pressure in the collector which drives the water pump via a membrane. The displacing piston, membrane and water pump all move simultaneously in perfect resonance.

Even the 1-square-meter single-piston version has enough power to pump 1,000 litres of water per hour from the depths. Connected in series, this produces a highly efficient power station that can be put to a variety of uses.

The SUNWELL was designed especially for uncomplicated, permanent use under extreme operating conditions. The simple, robust design is almost totally maintenance-free.


Technical data:

·  Minimum temperature difference: approx. 400C

·  Collector surface: 1m2

·  Pumping capacity: approx. 1000 l/h

·  Collector surface: 0,2 m2

·  Pumping capacity: approx. 120 l/h





SUPERENGINE® | Features of the SUNWELL®

SUPERENGINE ®  | The SUNWELL is virtually ideal for use in developing countries

The SUNWELL is virtually ideal for use in developing countries.





It has the following outstanding features:

·  self-starting

·  easy to assemble

·  very high operational reliability

·  low maintenance requirements, as it has very few wearing parts

·  fluctuations in sunlight can be compensated for by means of a large
   water storage tank integrated in the system

·  dual-purpose water pump automatically adapts to different requirements

·  water pump can suck and press at the same time

·  environmental impact as it runs purely on solar power and is therefore independent

SUPERENGINE ®  | The SUNWELL is virtually ideal for use in developing countries

Here you can see a SUNWELL in operation (please click on the picture to start the (2MB) video).

SUPERENGINE® | SUNWELL® Picture gallery - development

SUPERENGINE ®  | The SUNWELL is virtually ideal for use in developing countries

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