Better looking and more useful than your own oil well:
A SUPERENGINE® in a Solar Dish

SUPERENGINE ®  | Solar Dish

Imagine a fascinating sculpture standing in your garden and magically drawing the gazes of your visitors towards it.

The large concave mirror automatically traces the path of the sun. The concentrated energy powers the Stirling engine up to an output of 3 kW and supplies your whole house with heat, water for domestic use and electricity. No energy costs, no operating costs and for decades without any maintenance whatsoever.

It’s not difficult to imagine the good you’d be doing the environment.

In the summer months and when you’re away on holiday, the Superengine is particularly productive, despite the fact that your house has a lower energy requirement during this time. This is because the excess energy is fed into the grid against payment and is used to top up your energy account for the winter at the local utility company.


The construction is just as robust as it looks. It will defy hurricanes up to force 12 and will still be supplying your grandchildren with energy.

Operation is easy:

Switch OFF = Superengine is not in operation

Switch ON = Superengine produces heat and electricity


It can replace a modern condensing boiler with six solar collectors and a good photo-voltaic system. However, it will last longer and doesn’t cost as much.

The latest Stirling engine: we’ve known how it works for more than 200 years. Now we’ve found the “trick” of the Stirling engine: the expansion and compression of sound waves.

The principle: gas enclosed in a cylinder expands in the rhythm of the sound waves, contracts again, expands again… and this moves two pistons that are coupled in perfect resonance with a linear generator.

Temperatures of up to 850°C are attained at the focal point – without any exhaust gases or energy costs.

If the sun’s rays are weak, the in-built gas burner switches on automatically. Thus, the engine ensures a steady supply of heat, water for domestic use and electricity. If no heat is required, the whole unit can function as an air-conditioning system.

An attraction in itself: the calyx technology.

The revolutionary parabolic mirror, made of highly transparent, iron-free solar glass, was developed especially for this application. The calyx consists of eight individual petals which have a durable silver coating and are sealed to make them weatherproof. The non-scratch surface is resistant to hail and would be able to withstand desert sandstorms.

Automatic solar tracking.

Controlled by an internal clock, the machine follows the sun like a plant.

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