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Resonance and vortex engines are new forms of ‘bionic’ combined heat and power machines that make use of two naturally occurring phenomena, namely ‘resonance’ and ‘vortex, as operating principles.

SUPERENGINE® Gesellschaft für Resonanz- und Wirbelmaschinen mbH, with its partners, is dedicated to developing, building and selling these machines for various areas of application.

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SUPERENGINE® in the Solar Dish

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Imagine a fascinating sculpture standing in your garden and magically drawing the gazes of your visitors towards it.

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SUPERENGINE® as a gas boiler for generating electricity

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Even with a gas-powered solution in the cellar, primary energy consumption and energy costs are halved – and pollution is reduced by 90%!

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SUPERENGINE® and the automobile

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Your SUPERENGINE in a solar dish or as a gas boiler generates more electricity than you need in your home. You can also use it to charge the batteries of your electric car, for instance the lithium-ion battery of the Tesla Darkstar roadster.

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SUPERENGINE® as a Sunwell

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SUNWELL is the name of a unique invention - unique because it can make wells flow using nothing but solar power.

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Power through heat

SUPERENGINE ®  | Power through heat

Thermodynamics is certainly a complex area of physics, but in order to understand what a combined heat and power (CHP) machine should be able to do and what in principle it is incapable of doing, no knowledge of thermodynamics is required whatsoever. Heat is effectively present everywhere and prevails at a variety of temperature levels.

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Questions of resonance

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A simple mechanical resonator is defined by its mass, its constant spring rate and its damping. After initial deflection, it continues to oscillate at its natural frequency f0 until its damping causes oscillation to cease.

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Questions of vortices

SUPERENGINE ®  | Questions of vortices

In technical applications, vortices suffer much the same fate as resonant vibration: designers of fluid-flow machines tend to regard them as an undesirable, harmful effect. For this reason they totally overlook the technical energy potential inherent in a controlled vortex structure.

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